galerie143 • Simone Czech

The galerie143 was founded by the art historian Simone Czech in Dortmund in 2010. In 2018 the galerie143 moved to Lörrach in the tri-border area of France, Switzerland and Germany. Four solo exhibitons and one group exhibition per year show positions from the field of photography, painting and installation.


The main focus of the gallery is the promotion of young artists. Therefor the gallery – in additon to the exhibitions inhouse – is involved in external projects and cooperations, e.g. the biennial festival Emerging Artists Dortmund. Since 2013 the galerie143 participates in art fairs.



// During our summer break we are moving to our new location Spitalstraße 49 (rear building), D-79539 Lörrach // We will be back at the regular opening hours in September 2019 //