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Offene Galerie 2016 • 03.12.2016 - 21.01.2017
Participating artists at the Open Gallery are: Roland Baege • Marta Colombo • Nicolas Dellamartina • Katharina Görges • Cornelius Grau • Ralf Grossek • Ail Hwang • Steffen Jopp • Hartmut Kiewert • Barbara...
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Barbara Koch • Beasts • 17.09. - 05.11.2016
The work of Barbara Koch, artist of the gallery, is in the tension between temptation and poisoning as well as power and powerlessness. From flexible materials such as silicone and striking fluorescent / phosphorescent...
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Cornelius Grau • Flachbildfernseher • 2015
New Media by Cornelius Grau is the first solo exhibition at our new location on the Adlerstraße 63, D-44137 Dortmund. Rebuilt televisions, projectors made of wood and as those objects recognizable by anyone. The viewer...