Chris Göttel

Chris Göttel • Ausstellungsansicht 2019

Inspired by the dadaistic randomness, Chris Göttels, who lives and works in Basel/ CH, works on socialcultural as well as personal and daliy topic in his works. As complex as the themes, so versatile are the media he uses. Painting, drawing, characters, found objects, photography are put together in a mixed technique and placed in a new context. Some pictures are telling stories, other pictures are sending a message, which has to be decoded. Chris Göttels approach is intuitive and free from strict academic rules.

lives and works in Basel/ Switzerland

galerie143, Lörrach [S]
Gallery Downstairs, Basel/ CH [S]
Hotel Krone, Weil am Rhein [S]


LICHT FELD Gallery, Basel/ CH [S]
Visarte Region Basel/ CH [S]
Galerie Neuheise, Saarbrücken [S]


Werk 8, Basel/ CH [S]
Gallerie NO_3, Hamburg [S]
Arteliers Ouvert, Strassbourg/ F [G]
Villa Berberich, Bad Säckingen [S]
Projektraum Visarte M54, Basel/ CH [S]
Artstübli, Basel/ CH [S]
Villa K, St.Louis/ F [S]
Volta Bräu, Basel/ CH [AF]
Kunstgarage Laufenburg [S]


Offspace, Edwin Surplus Store, Weil am Rhein [G]
Zooloose, Basel/ CH [S]
Voltabräu, Basel/ CH [AF]
Galerie Löffel, Basel/ CH [S]
Galerie Katapult, Basel/ CH [S]
Scope Basel/ CH [AF]


Galerie und Museum Haus Salmegg, Rheinfelden [S]
Pythongallery, Erlenbach, Zürich/ CH [S]
Pulpo Galerie, Lörrach [S]
Galerie Neuheisel, Saarbrücken [S]
Pulpo Galerie, Lörrach [S]


LICHT FELD Gallery, Basel/ CH [G]
Art/Design tour, Marseille/ I [AF]
Imm Cologne, Stylepark Featured edition, Köln [G]
Kunst in Szene, Art update Loeba, Lörrach [G]


Gundeldinger Feld Eoipso, Basel/ CH [S]


LICHT FELD Gallery, Basel/ CH [S]


LICHT FELD Gallery, Basel/ CH [G]
Projektraum Visarte M54, Basel/ CH [G]


[S] Solo Exhibition
[G] Group Exhibition
[AF] Art Fair

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