Vanja Vukovic • Julja Schneider
Made in Shanghai
06.02. – 19.03.2016

Artistic wanderlust, curiosity, the search for new impressions, for the foreign and for inspiration have driven Vanja Vukovic in 2012 and Julja Schneider in 2014 to Shanghai. Through this common ground, the two artists met and found that their experiences and feelings during the study period were very similar. Urban planning and architecture are the basis of both works. «Made in Shanghai» represents both positions, approaching the metropolis by photography (Vanja Vukovic) and by drawing (Julja Schneider).

«Never be alone on the streets of Shanghai
never & anywhere you can go your own way» Julja Schneider. 2016


Vernissage and Reading: 06.02. at 7 pm
Closing Event: 19.03. at 12 pm

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