Marco Wittkowski

galerie143 • Ausstellungsansicht Marco Wittkowski 2013

Series Einschnitte/Incisions: The edition has its origin in an art in architecture project in which Wittkowski photographed the surface of a raw concrete wall. The photographs show tool marks, cryptic characters and typographic symbols whose function remains uncertain. They appear as cave paintings from the late industrial age.

Series Schatten/Shadows: Urban spaces photographed at night. Lonely, desolate and apparent ordinary. In a process-based method Marco Wittkowski destroys partially the analogue black and white material, which he assembles additively to new photographs without using digital image processing.

*1977 in Zossen
lives and works in Dortmund

Atelier Ouvert in Basel with galerie143 [G]


scope Basel/CH mit galerie143 [AF]


galerie143, Dortmund [G]


Innere Sicherheit / The State I Am In, Photoszene-Festival 2016, Halle Zollstock, Köln [G]
Art.Fair/Blooom, Köln, with galerie143 [AF]


Zwischenraum, Dortmunder U, with galerie143 [G]
Art.Fair/Blooom, Köln, with galerie143 [AF]
Pop-Up Store, Heimatdesign at Stilwerk, Dortmund, with galerie143 [G]
I Wanne Be Your Dog – Positions on human-animal-relationship in contemporary art, Künstlerhaus Dortmund, wiht Barbara Koch [AD]


Schatten, galerie143, Dortmund [S]
Open Space, Mixer Art Gallery, Istanbul / TR [G]
Einblicke, Städtischer Kunstankauf 2013, Torhaus Rombergpark Städtische Galerie, Dortmund [G]
Rundlauf Festival, Bochum [G] [C]
Schau Fotofestival, Dortmunder U, Dortmund [G] [C]
Dortmunder Export, Künstlerhaus Kiel, Kiel [G]
The Big Bang or how to really impress your mother-in-law, Seasons Galleries, Den Haag / NL [G]
Art.Fair/Blooom, Köln, with galerie143 [AF]


Offene Galerie, galerie143, Dortmund [G]
Art.Fair/Blooom, Köln, with galerie143 [AF]
Nordstadt-Touring in the context of MUSAO (Museum auf Abwegen Ottakring), MASC-Foundation, Wien / A, with Barbara Koch [S]
Ausnahmezustand, Künstlerhaus Dortmund [G]
Designers Fair 2013, KÖLN [AF]


Offene Galerie, galerie143, Dortmund [G]
Pop Design Festival, DQE-Halle, Köln and Dortmunder U [G, AF]
Intervention during Stein mit Vollausstattung/Stadt mit Vollausstattung, Dortmunder Kunstverein [G]


Hinterhalt – art between manipulation and subversion, Künstlerhaus Dortmund [G]
Bäume – Eine Ausstellung, die wächst wie ein Baum, Projektraum Fotografie, Dortmund [G]


Set design an interior design for Atmospheres, Improvisationworkshop with Gürzenich-Orchester Köln, Comed at Mediapark, Köln [G]


Design, implementation and presentation of the project Sichtwechsel, photo campaign for individuals with and without disability, Berswordthalle, Dortmund [KL]


Ten Years Of Polaroid, Photoinstallation in the context of Nordstadtateliers 08, Depot e.V., Dortmund [G] [K]


KUBOSHOW, Flottmannhallen, Herne [K] [M]


Spontaneous Recovery of vacant sales premises oft he former furniture store Pfeifer in form of an exhibtion, Dortmund [G]
Nordstadtateliers, Exhibition at Depot e.V., Dortmund [G]


Von jedem ein Stück, statues at FH Dortmund [G]


Traumsequenzen, 1. Bamberger Days of Photography, Polarbär, Bamberg [E]
20th Century Boy, Texts and Polaroids, Rampe, Bamberg [E]
3 Fragen, in the context of “Begegnungen” and Short Film Festival “Aus anderer Sicht – Behinderte Menschen im Film”, Lichtspiel, Bamberg [G]


Art in Architecture / Public Art Collections


Art Collection Stadt Dortmund
Art Collection Dichter, Wien


Art Collection Gaby and Wilhelm Schürmann, Berlin and Aachen


Art in Architecture project “Einschnitte” for Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Westfalen-Lippe, Dortmund [C]




[S] Solo Exhibition
[G] Group Exhibition
[C] Catalogue
[AD] Artistic Director
[AF] Art Fair

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