Marco Wittkowski • daily pictures
23.09. – 09.12.2017

Marco Wittkowski • daily pictures

Since 1998 Marco Wittkowski keeps a visual diary. For the first 10 years he has recorded his everyday live with Polaroids. Between 2008 and 2010, Wittkowski stopped the series, as polaroids became less practicable and increasingly uneconomical. Under the heading «daily pictures» he continued the diary with the help of a simple, compact digital camera from 2010 on. There is no concept that excludes motifs, but only a maximum of one image per day is added to the series.

In the exhibition «daily pictures»  Marco Wittkowski shows excerpts from the series from the period 2010 to the present for the first time, giving us a personal insight into his everyday life and his emotions. Thus, e.g.  animal cadavers constantly show up in his photographies as a sign of examinging the topic of life and death. Wittkowski says that it is harder for him to find images for life instead of death. This does not disturb him, however, because death is suppressed all too often in our societey.


Vernissage: Saturday, 23.09.2017 at 7pm
Open Sunday and Frühschoppen: Saturday, 05.11.2017 from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m.

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