Alex Woyde • Taking a Bath

Alex Woyde • A Glimpse of It *Extended*
21.03. – 25.07.2020

Alex Woyde’s paintings begin with a free use of the paint, the brush and the canvas and with a curiosity about what could result out of it. With each additional color, an abstract composition emerges, a rhythm of brushstrokes and surfaces and a spatial depth. In a complex process of concretizations and faults, the development towards a diffuse atmosphere takes place, from which a scenery and figuration slowly crystallizes, in which different picture elements come into relation to one another and the actual motif gradually emerges. The process of creation always remains visible and comprehensible. A certain fleetingness, a vague moment that this style of painting brings with it, can often be found in the respective motif, it is never entirely clear in which relationship and interaction the represented figures stand with one another. It mostly shows a snapshot, an entertaining encounter, which transports an atmosphere.