Alex Woyde • Inside Out in Mozilla Hubs

Alex Woyde • Inside Out
Online Ausstellung am 16.01.22

The exhibition “Inside Out” by artist Alex Woyde will take place in our virtual Mozilla Hubs gallery space on January 16 from 3pm to 5 pm. We ask you to register in advance by e-mail to

Registered visitors will receive the link to the virtual room 15 minutes before the start of the exhibition on January 16. By clicking on the link one enters the room. After choosing an avatar and name, you can move around in the room and talk to other visitors with the microphone switched on. Technical requirements are a stable internet connection, a laptop, desktop PC, mobile or VR-device.

The paintings shown deal with the topic of “interior view” and show some interior scenes in which the boundaries between inside and outside are blurred. Picturesque picture spaces, which have the atmosphere of an interior through architectural elements and furnishings, at the same time reveal views of the outside space and painterly explore the boundaries of the determinability of inside and outside via breakthroughs, apparent double exposures, fades and overlays. The question arises as to what makes the interior space such, what is the relationship between the depicted space and the figures that are in it, and how this can be brought into the picture with painterly means. To what extent are these also “interior views” of the figures represented, visual relics, the imagined and the remembered that change and shape the space around them?

Even with the pictures, which are more likely to be assigned to the outside space, memories and visual cross-fading of the figures shown play a central role. A diffuse color atmosphere, surfaces and gestures condense pictorial spaces into figurative scenes that remain fragmentary and refer to the complex creation process of painterly concretizations and distortions.

The artist is present.