Dirk Pleyer • withlightandheadwinds
30.10. – 30.12.2021

Playing with the memory of landscape.

The exhibition «withlightandheadwinds» shows a cross-section of Dirk Pleyer‘s works from the last three years with a focus on the new works from the «ALBUM» series of paintings.

The works from the «ALBUM K» series are systematically arranged painterly test prints. They are presented in a large, panorama-like picture grid consisting of approx. 60 works. The individual pictures are never right-angled in their outer form, have different skewed aspect ratios and, in their often fractured and sketch-like painting style, suggest the memory of landscapes in the process of development or dissolution.

The large, rectangular grid holds the various small formats together visually.
The viewer straightens the overall constellation with his gaze, not without jumping from single image to single image in a constant change of perspective and constantly readjusting his own gaze.

Idyll and drama lie close together in Dirk Pleyer‘s painting: ascending growth and threatening decay alternate, forming reversals. There are levels of tension between abstracted illusory spatiality, neoromantic emotional excitement, classically constructed pictorial construction and informal gestures.

Soft Opening Saturday, Oktober 30 from 5pm to 10pm. The artist is present.

In order to protect our visitors and ourselves, we ask you to comply with the 3G regulation (Tested-Recover-Vaccinated) during the opening. Thank you for your understanding.