Wolfgang Krell • #Editioin Vor allem Landschaft #1

Lenticularprint gramed
21 x 29,7 cm (30 x 40 cm framed)
Edition of 10

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«Vorwiegend Landschaft» are overpaintings of old oil paintings that Wolfgang Krell finds at flea and antique markets, recycling centers or on the street. He focused on the question of how to transport the illegality of graffiti from the street to canvas for a long time, until in 2000 he found the first oil painting on the street that someone had disposed right in front of his apartment door. His first overpainting of an oil painting was created. Graffiti pieces were painted on the facades of the houses and interventions in the landscape itself also took place. In 2006, one of these works was included in Wolfgang Krell’s installation “Coles Bude”, which is part of the Gunter Sachs collection. In 2023, Wolfgang Krell returnded to the series again.